How to Bring Your Warehouse into the Modern World


It has never been more important to have your warehouse operating within the modern technical age. In business, time is of the essence, and when it comes to warehouses, there are so many places where time and money can be used very badly indeed. 

Using technology to keep on track of stock levels, as well as component locations, can be vital when it comes to getting your products to the right destinations. Taking too long to perform certain job roles can cause deadlines to slip or provide customers with an excuse to implement late delivery penalties on your business. However, by embracing new technology in your warehouse, all these factors could be a thing of the past.

1 Using Stock Control Systems 

In years gone by, valuable time was spent performing stock-taking and counting all items in a warehouse and on the shop floor manually. Invariably, there were teams of people doing this, and there had to be a margin for error due to miscalculations or bad arithmetic. However, nowadays, there is a way to reduce this time-consuming action while providing up-to-date real-time information. 

This, of course, is in addition to installing inventory management software. Entering data of all items that come into your warehouse onto your system and then updating when it leaves your warehouse. This can be to either go onto the shop floor or be packaged for your customers’ orders. Therefore, it provides you with an up-to-date inventory of what components you have and, just as importantly, where they are in your building. 

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2 Invest in Modern Technology 

Many jobs around the warehouse are mundane, especially the placing of stock once it has been logged onto your computer system. The retrieval of goods from the goods-in bay and depositing them to their appropriate shelf or area needn’t take a worker with a truck lift (which could both be used elsewhere) but could be carried out by a warehouse robot. 

Of course, these robots are going to have to have preprogrammed routes, and they move at speed, so a degree of safety awareness is involved. This could be in the reorganization of your warehouse so that the robots stock your bulk and easy-pick racks and areas from the back, allowing your warehouse workers to pick safely from the front.

3 Attach Everything to Your Cloud System

To support this new technology and for your business to make the most of it, you are going to need a cloud management solution that will provide you with real-time data that is easy to use. For instance, acumatica cloud erp can provide you with a way to keep on top of your warehouse information on one single management platform. This can free up employees’ time and reduce mistakes, such as over-ordering. Of course, there is much more to this platform, including scalability, which will undoubtedly help your business as it grows and expands.

Final Thoughts

Implementing all of these steps will be beneficial for your business. It will provide you with a strong and sound footing for any growth within your niche, while, at the same time, ensuring that you can meet your customer deadlines with ease.