Thank You Note After Interview Is A Must


Did you get rejected, ever? Did a sense of failure strike you hard enough to try harder the next time? I went through it entirely a few times, and that feeling is horrible. It’s challenging to cope with the feeling of rejection when you strongly want to be needed. It is more so when this happens at your job interviews. Often a tiny mistake or inability to see beyond the picture might have ruined your efforts. To begin correcting your mistakes, start with leaving behind a thank you note after an interview. It works; experts have always said that gratitude multiplies and gives you enough scope to improve.

Know how to write a thank you note after interview
Be wise while you wait

Tips For The Phase From After Interview Till Feedback Call

Almost every interviewee has to wait for that call from the interviewing organization. That waiting period is a testing time; it tests your patience, perseverance and grit. Often interviewees tend to call up the HR executive and ask for his or her status. That’s disgraceful and doesn’t cast a good light on your career. Despite all, you need to keep your calm and wait till the interviewing firm reaches you. We suggest you a list of things that you can do while waiting for that call.

Keep looking for other opportunities

No one is lucky. Some people focus on limitations and wait for things to happen, while others hunt for possibilities. When you read an entire newspaper, you will see all information in it. You will come to know about the new opportunities and apply there. You may even crack the evaluation process and get hired. That’s not because you are lucky, but because you looked for opportunities. Often people keep waiting for things to happen in their favour. It kills time and opportunities. You may call yourself unlucky for this, but that’s not correct. You missed it because you did not see the information. So, while you wait for the feedback call, make sure to keep looking for other opportunities.

Do assume consequences

There are several factors that an organization considers for hiring resources. You must also remember that you are not the only candidate who went for the interview. They might be taking time to evaluate all candidates and considering all elements. So, be patient without overthinking; do not think that their silence is a ‘no’. When you overthink, it creates unnecessary complications. You must avoid it and not assume things. When you appear for an interview, you must be sharp. But if you keep on overthinking, then it will affect your personality. Ideally, you must avoid such a situation.

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Write a thank you note after interview
Gratitude is the best attitude

A Thank You Note After Interview Is A Good Gesture

Gratitude bends ways, and it’s a great attitude. You have often come across this common belief that being grateful takes you closer to your goals. Gratitude is even a common practice. You must have a grateful attitude while searching for a job as well. A thank you note after interview would be great for that. You can look for thank you letter after interview sample and draft one for yourself.

A sense of common courtesy

You can create a mark with your behaviour. Besides your qualification, even your behaviour counts. It is essential for being a good team player. An organization loves a resource who can adjust and perform well in a team. Your thank you letter after an interview is a great way to be courteous.

Touch upon your conversation during the interview

Chose a good subject line for your thank you email. It makes it more clickable and asserts your skills for written communication. After a good subject line, you can briefly touch upon the interaction you had during the interview. It makes your interviewer recollect it as well and thus enhance your chance of getting hired.

Express your skills for written communication

You must be well aware of the power of written words. Your written communication skills are fundamental, so write the best thank you email after interview. It is your chance to impress your interviewer with your writing skills. It even multiplies your chance of getting hired.

Remind your interviewer about yourself

You are not the only applicant. Interviewers interact with several people, so it is practically impossible to remember all of them. If you want your interviewer to remember you, then you must stand out. A thank you note after interview is a great way to do that.

Do you know how to write a thank you note after an interview
An anchoring subject line can be a deal maker

The Subject Line For Thank You Email

It may sound like a cliché but the importance of a subject line remains unchanged. You need to write a fair and anchoring subject line. It’s something that you cannot compromise with. Here we elaborately discuss the far-reaching utilities of a good subject line.

First noticeable thing

It is the subject line that appears in your inbox. Would you spend hours browsing through your inbox, reading every mail there? It is the first few words that give a good hint about what the mail is about. So make sure to check out some thank you letter after interview samples. It will help you to write the best subject line for thank you email. Once you get it right, then you might never have to look back. Email marketing is a useful tool for sales, and you can optimally use it.

Decides whether to read the mail or not

Subject line of an email is the ultimate deciding factor. A reader decides whether they would read or skip the mail just by looking at its subject line. Often even important emails are overlooked if it does not have a captivating subject line. Your thank you letter after phone interview must gently create an interest in checking your mail. So, make sure to write an exciting subject line for it. The more clickable your mail is, the better your communication output gets.

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Stand out from other senders

Will you read a mail that almost everyone sends you? It works pretty much the same way for your readers. Like your inbox, even theirs is stashed with mails. They would not like to read any more unless it sounds interesting. The subject line of an email comes to the notice first. It is your only chance to invoke interest in your receivers. A good subject line makes your email stand out from the rest of the senders.

Know how to write a thank you note after interview
Carefully draft your thank you note after the interview

Key points To Remember While Writing A Thank You Note After Interview

What you write can be the same as what you say but how you speak is different from how you write. When writing letters, you must draft them carefully. Here we elaborately discuss what you can mention in a thank you note after interview.

A straight subject line

Above, we have mentioned how crucial subject lines are. When we speak about writing a good thank you note after interview, and we need to speak about subject lines. Please keep it simple and try to avoid cosmetic languages. Your reader should understand and become interested in opening the letter at the same time.

Begin with an informal greeting

The purpose is undoubtedly official, but formal greetings don’t always work well, especially for thank you notes. So, start your email with a personal greeting. It captivates the reader in the conversation. Isn’t that what you want? So look for the right words and draft it well.

Express your admiration

Be open to appreciate; it asserts your positive individuality and is highly rewarding. Tell them what you liked about the organization, the interview or their attitude. However, make your to word it well and not sound flattering.

Confirm your keenness for the job

Often, an organization wants to know how interested you are to work for them. If you are interested in the job role, then you would perform with complete dedication. That’s important for an organization. So, make sure to mention your interest in working for the company.

Touch upon the high points in your conversation

Gently talk about the exciting points in your discussion. It would be a mild reminder about your potential and how you can add value to the organization. You are not the only candidate whom they are evaluating. So mentioning these subtle things can earn you brownie points and increase your chances of getting hired.

Tell them that you can provide additional information

You must be confident about providing value to the organization. You must express the same in your thank you note after the interview. Maybe they have missed to ask you something. Please mention that you can provide them with additional information that would help in deciding.

Sign-off with a professional edge

Your confidence adds a sheen to your personality. It’s imperative and irreplaceable. It reflects your individuality, and hiring officials consider that while deciding whether to hire you or not.

Preparation before an interview is as crucial as communication after it. If you are confident enough, you must not hesitate in writing a thank you after the interview. The difference between your ambitions and achievement is only a matter of a few steps. When you face an interview, make sure to write a well-framed thank you note with a good subject line.


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