WiFi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration? Try this

WiFi doesn't have a valid IP configuration


We prefer things that don’t have any strings attached to it. Wireless, thus became our favorite. Why not? You can take it to anywhere within its range. Besides, wires scattered on the floor, or in a corner, don’t look good either. So, it’s best to have WiFi. However, you must check its configuration before using it. If your WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration, we can fix that too!

Add mileage to your goals by being proactive and chasing them until you achieve. Internet connection is a staple amenity, and you can use it for multiple purposes. However, make sure you hire the best internet connection service, provider.

Seek easy hacks when your WiFi doesn't have a valid IP configuration
Do you periodically check your router health to see if it has a valid IP configuration

WiFi – A Basic Necessity In A Millennial’s Life

Life will nearly come to a halt if there is internet connectivity. A significant part of our lives and living depend on it. Over the years, we have turned to it for communication, news, business, regular and unique services, everyday needs, knowledge, and excellence. We state some of the most dominating reasons that make WiFi a basic necessity of our lives.  Let us know what your reasons are.

It is convenient and mobile

We are continually moving. It’s nearly impossible to work from a definite place. The most significant factor that draws us to wireless internet is accessibility and its mobility. If you are working at home, you can sit in your desk, or shift to your couch, or anywhere. You can move to the most inspiring corner of the house. Nothing stops you. Not just this, you can move from one to another and still stay connected. Railways stations, popular public meeting places, and other areas offer free WiFi signals. What better than being mobile and always staying connected to the internet?

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Easy and less expensive deployment

To install a wired internet connection, you need lengthy wires to run across several places. It involves cost and takes a lot of time. The labor cost also gets added to it. However, a WiFi connection is infrastructure-based; it needs one access point. Hence, it doesn’t cost you a fortune or nearly half of it.

This cost difference is a significant factor in choosing between a wired internet connection and WiFi.

Provision to include more

Devices are connected to the internet source with a cable. You cannot add more than one device at a time. It is a significant limitation of wired internet services. While on the other hand, you can connect multiple devices and access the internet simultaenously.

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Physical cables are subject to wear and tear. You may say the WiFi router and other essential tools are also subject to such depreciation. It is not the case with WiFi. Accessories are properly secured at a specified location that prevents unwanted damages and saves the cost. But cables for wired internet connection are scattered all over the place and thus get damaged easily.

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Try smart tips when your WiFi doesn't have a valid IP configuration
Protect your WiFi IP address and password to avoid security breaches

How To Protect Your WiFi IP Address And Password And Keep Its Configuration Valid?

Immense popularity attracts unwanted attention too. Often hackers attempt hacking your WiFi password and even succeed at times. So, you need to protect it in the best possible ways. Here we list down some of the tried and tested ways to protect your WiFi password.

Change initial admin credentials

When you receive your router, you get a default admin credential for initial sign up. It is mandatory to replace that with your credentials. It would be best to use a strong password, say a unique combination of numbers, letters, and special characters. Doing that often averts hacking attempts and keeps your WiFi considerably safe.

Go for strong WiFi encryption

Encryption is an assured and primary defense line for protecting your WiFi. So you must encrypt it soon after installing it. Otherwise, your WiFi would be easy prey for hackers. They can easily track, capture, and manipulate your communications. Before all, you must check and report if your WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration.

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Update your router often

The device that you use to access internet connection – the router, has an operating system. It is complex, and most importantly, bugs can attack it. Hackers can use a software bug to hack your router and access your network. They can steal your data and even misuse it.

To foil such attempts, rather prevent them, you must update your router at a uniform interval. Keep a check, and you can easily find such router updates.

Don’t disclose your WiFi network

Often, we are under this misconception that not sharing the password is enough. For a hacker, it doesn’t matter. They do not need your password to infiltrate it. So, it would wiser to keep your WiFi hidden or undiscoverable from unknown devices.

Limit your WiFi range

We are tempted to access it from far, but that may expose you to further risks. Instead, try to limit your WiFi range within your home. Extending it further will invite unwanted attention and malicious attempts. Ensure you get to utilize your WiFi and that too, without any trouble.

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What to do if your WiFi doesn't have a valid IP configuration
Are you doing enough to protect your WiFi secured?

What to Do If Your WiFi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration?

Above, we have discussed how to protect your WiFi and avert malicious attempts by hackers. However, we also need to consider other perspectives. What if your WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration at all? How can you fix it unless you can use it? So, let’s troubleshoot this issue.

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You can reset your router

Often, it’s easier to solve a problem than we assume it. If your WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration, then you can reset the router. Shut down your desktop or any other device that the router is connected with. Then switch off your router and unplug it. Ideally, you must wait for a minute or two, before you can turn on the router. You can now start your device and check your network connections.

Clear cache

Sometimes, corrupted Windows cache files interrupt network accessibility and cause WiFi valid IP configuration error. This is highly undesirable. So, you must get rid of such files and restart your device to get connected with your WiFi.

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Uninstall your router driver

Are you are frequently getting error notifications stating that your WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration? Then check your network driver. Often it is because of a malfunctioning driver. It would be best to uninstall it as soon as possible; the Windows would automatically install a healthy router driver.

Update the driver

When the router is works pretty fine, we ignore a few things like updating it. The router has an operating system, which needs to be updated. An old version can also interrupt network connections or show that your WiFi has no IP address.

Reset your IP

If you want to avoid comparatively time-taking fixes, then you can straightaway reset your IP address. It is the quickest of ways in which you can troubleshoot issues over the router’s valid IP configuration.

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Try easy hacks when your WiFi doesn't have a valid IP configuration
Take time to seek easy solution if your WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration

What Makes An WiFi IP Address Invalid?

Your device is known by its IP address, and an incorrect or invalid IP configuration may create issues. It would be great if you can know the few reasons that make an IP address invalid. You can try and avoid them. So, let’s dig for the reasons.

Every computer or similar device that accesses the internet has an IP address (or Internet Protocol). Computers, or smartphones, or similar devices use this IP address to connect with the internet.

Reserved addresses are invalid for general use

Each network reserves specific addresses for internal requirements. Also, there is a ‘localhost’ in every network, and every computer to itself as localhost. So, the network doesn’t allow any computer or device to use those addresses. In such a case, you may experience an invalid WiFi IP

A similar IP address creates conflict

An IP address identifies your device. Hence, every IP address on a given network must be unique. If there are two similar IP addresses, then it would be an invalid address. You will get invalid IP configuration error messages.

Limited address range

The range of a WiFi is defined during initial settings. When you try to connect a device away from this range, it reflects as invalid WiFi IP. It asks for a valid IP configuration. So, you must stick to the range and operate. If you want to access it from far, then set the WiFi range accordingly.

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Often we miss focusing on technical details, and this creates problems. So, if your WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration, you now know how to resolve it.


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