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It is important to put forward your views. When it concerns your profession or academic pursuit, that’s imperative. During informal conversations like between family members or friends, you talk. However, when it comes to formal circles, you need to use strategically designed presentations. Usually, it’s a PowerPoint presentation – its variations and contemporaries. The latest practice is to embed video in PowerPoint.

Since PowerPoint presentations have been around for long now, we can add new components to it. For instance, we can embed video in PowerPoint, give a voice-over to it, and try other ways. Since videos have great power to attract attention, people prefer to insert videos in presentations too.

Innovative ideas to jazz up PowerPoint presentations

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Is PowerPoint Still Relevant? Then Embed In PowerPoint Video 

We might not have seen this coming, but it is a valid question. We have also seen reports that eminent communicators across the world have parted ways with PowerPoint. However, a considerably large section of people still finds it useful.

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So, how is it useful for most while it has been rejected by many?

The number of users has increased, and the purpose also has diversified. Earlier, working professionals and students pursuing higher studies used it mostly. It has more takers now. Expert communication professionals might have stopped using PowerPoint, but many other people have started using it. It might have lost relevance for some but is still effective for many.

As compared to other presentation makers, PowerPoint is easier. Thus, beginners are more comfortable working with it.

Currently, even school students need to prepare presentations. So, professionals might not find it useful now, but it’s important for the students.

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The curriculum transformed drastically, and PowerPoint became a student’s best friend. Students of every age, division, and discipline have been using it. Interestingly, new and dynamic disciplines have made it more popular for students. Besides theory, practical boards encourage practical education. Sometimes, the latter is given more importance than the former.

Embed video in PowerPoint presentations
E-learning and current curriculum demands presentations by students

As technology upgrades to the latest version, it becomes a bit complicated. Human beings need time to adapt to these upgradations. The latest substitute for PowerPoint might be highly advanced, but is it user-friendly? This often prevents users from ditching their old friend – PowerPoint.

When it comes to serving basic presentation needs with ease, then PowerPoint is the best. One of the best parts of being simple is that you can focus on the core objective. You can be more precise with your job and get better results.

If you want to make your presentation more interesting, then you can insert videos in it. Even not having one can neatly serve your purpose.

How To Upgrade Your PowerPoint Presentation

As discussed above, the sheen and shine of PowerPoint presentations are withering away. At least, it is being perceived so. A few years ago, you did not have any other option beyond it. However, now you have quite a good number of options. Said this, it does not mean you need to switch to a different one. You can always improvise. Here are some of the tried and tested tips to upgrade your PowerPoint presentation to the next level.

  • Reinvent your presentations: You cannot change the structure because that’s the default. It can only be done by the developers when they include some new features. That’s updating it. However, you can also make some minor changes to give a little twist to it.
  • Incorporate the latest technologies: You are limited by your limitations. If you think your presentations need something more, then use dynamic technologies in it. For instance, you can use augmented reality. Give headsets to your audience and use the surrounding space as your screen. This is even more interesting and effective than it sounds. Your audience will be thrilled and make your presentation an instant hit.

Your idea is surely not to make it a hit but create an effective presentation. It gets undivided attention from your audience and ensures they get your complete message. You can check online tutorials and use augmented reality in PowerPoint presentations.

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Upgrade your PowerPoint presentations by embedding videos in PowerPoint
You must upgrade your PowerPoint presentations.
  • Captivating voice overs: You can try this to make your videos more interesting and effective. Usually, you lend your voice to the piece. How about hiring a professional voice-over artist for the purpose? This will cost you more but create a truly differentiating effect on your audience.

Allow a professional to complement your presentation with a scripted voice-over. This result may surprise you but will never disappoint you.

  • YouTube video: This is another hassle-free way to add a zing factor to your presentations. You can embed a video in PowerPoint or use a YouTube video. You can go for any one of the options that you are comfortable with.

Benefits Of Having Video In Your PowerPoint Presentation

Videos poke interest and have been earning audience attention for long. So, you know that videos are effective but are they effective for your presentation? It might not be effective for every presentation, but it is certainly good for most of them. Here we put forward a few benefits of having video in your PowerPoint presentation.

  • More appealing: A video will hold audience attention more than a text-and-graphic presentation. Moving images and sound are a great combination. So, you can enhance the appeal of your presentation by adding videos to it.

When you are presenting your ideas, avoid making it monotonous. Often too much information ruins a potentially good slide show. So, it would be wise to insert a video in it. You stand a better chance of more audience attention with it.

  • Better audience engagement:

    When you are delivering your presentation, it should never be a monologue. Being one will kill all your efforts. Videos invoke interest and even response from your audience. Make sure you have a relevant and good video for your presentation.

     If you can engage the audience, it gets half the work done for you. You must already know that good audience engagement ensures effective communication. It meets the primary and most important goal – influencing your audience.

  • No flat-board designs and texts: When you prepare a presentation, you must ask yourself three questions. First, can my audience read my slides when I present it to them? Second, can they read and listen to my address at the same time. These are bound to clash. When you are present a text, the audience tries to read, and you speak the audience might get puzzled. Try to make the process a little relaxed and more absorbing. Thus, the idea of having a video in your presentation is great.
  • Videos inspire discussion: Your presentation doesn’t want to propagate. Does it? Usually, you may want your audience to talk about it after your presentation ends. So, try to embed video in PowerPoint presentation. This will fetch you interest from audience, engage them and create a buzz about the same in your target group. You have always wanted that. Didn’t you?

Content is king, and how you present your content decides its fate. Whether you are writing for a journal or preparing your next presentation, you must create an invincible content. Videos are one of the verified ways of making your communication more effective than ever. So, ditch every doubt and delve into the finer details of creating a presentation with videos.

Embed video in PowerPoint for more effective communication
Thank God, we had PowerPoint!

How To Embed Video In PowerPoint Presentations?

Above, we had a detailed discussion on why we must use video in presentations. The ‘why’ power is quite a strong force, and it causes important changes. If you are convinced by the above discussion, we will tell you how you can insert a video. In case you still do not feel like having a video in your slide, then you skip this.

You can use videos in three distinguished ways:

  • Upload a video from your system:

Make sure you have the video in your hard-drive and then follow the following steps.

Step 1: Open the slide where you want to insert the video

Step 2: Place your cursor on ‘Insert’ and click it

Step 3: Take your mouse to ‘Video’ from the dropdown option and click on ‘Movie from file.’

  • Insert a YouTube video:

You can also insert a YouTube video in your presentation and jazz it up a bit. For this, you need to follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Go to your target slide for the video

Step 2: Move your pointer to ‘Insert’ and select it to get the dropdown options

Step 3: First click on ‘Video’ and then on ‘Online Video’

Step 4: You will see a ‘Search YouTube’ box. Click on the box and type the name of the video that you want

Step 5: Select ‘Insert’ option, and you will get a preview of the video on your slide.

  • Use a link to the video:

If you want to avoid all the hassles and just use the link, you can do that too. Please follow these essential steps.

Step 1: Take a screenshot of the video. Make sure the ‘Play’ button is visible in your screenshot

Step 2: Import the image into your PowerPoint presentation

Step 3: Link the image to the video available online.

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PowerPoint presentations are one of the easiest and effective ways to present an idea. It remains relevant irrespective of the years that it has been serving us. And also, irrespective of other contemporary presentation software. The next time you make your presentation, embed a video in PowerPoint.



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