Movies Like American Psycho: 11 Psychological Thriller Movies

movies like american psycho
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Are you searching for movies like American Psycho? The critical and commercial success of American Psycho has increased every year. The film was available in theaters in 2000. Along the way, it gained a reputation as one of the most influential cult films of all time. This film combines elements of psychological terror, criminality, and gloomy humor. The narrative centers on the journey of Patrick Bateman.

The film’s opening reels introduce you to the main character. At a midway point in the movie, chaos ensues. The main character loses his mind. You have no idea what he will do next. Up until the very end of the movie, you are captivated. If you adore American Psycho, you probably want to see other films in the same genre. Continue reading this article to learn about the list of movies like American Psycho.

List of movies like American Psycho

The Shining

movies like american psycho
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Stephen King, whose novel “The Shining” served as inspiration for the picture, was and still is profoundly let down by it. Given how little it resembles his top-selling endeavor, it makes sense. The movie is much more mesmerizing, drawing viewers into the terrifying stillness and grandeur of the Overlook Inn while its slow tempo makes it seem like it’s creeping up on you. Certain scenes from “The Shining” keep people up at night, like Wendy finding Jack’s work, Mr Grady and Jack talking in the lavatory, or Jack pursuing Danny through the hedge labyrinth. What the filmmakers want viewers to feel about the main character also affects how they respond.

Taxi Driver

movies like american psycho
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In the movie, Robert De Niro offers a furious, very focused act. He portrayed a former combatant who worked as a late-night taxi driver in New York City during the 1970s. The dirt observed all around him is gradually eroding his psyche. He had the demeanor of a time bomb. Viewers know he’s going to blow up. However, you have no idea when or what will rile him up.

Scorsese produced a somber masterwork. His camera is pointed directly onto the city’s streets, where the guy is witnessing the horror he perceives. The very inferno is making him furious. The first scenes show steam emerging from the sewage grates, giving the impression that the town lies underneath a boiling pit of hell.

Black Swan

movies like american psycho
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“Black Swan” tells Nina’s narrative. She performs as a ballerina for a ballet company in New York City. Like everyone in her job, dance takes up all of her life. Swan Lake is the first show in the forthcoming season. It serves as the focal point of the story. Two dancers are needed. One will gracefully and innocently portray the White Swan. The other will portray the seductive and cunning Black Swan. Nina is a fantastic fit for the White Swan character. That being said, Lily represents the Black Swan.

The rivalry between the two teenage dancers transforms into a perverse camaraderie. With reckless abandon, Nina starts to connect more with her darker side. It might destroy her. “Black Swan” is an exciting and occasionally horrifying psychological journey inside the mind of an adolescent dancer who grows eerily flawless for her character as the cunning swan queen.

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The Shutter Island

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Shutter Island is an action-packed psychological thriller picture that was released in the United States in 2010. It is among the best movies like American Psycho. Chaos erupts at the AsheCliff Medical Centre. It is a center for housing mentally ill people. Shutter Island is where it’s situated. When the personnel investigate, they discover that one of the facility’s extremely threatening inmates has fled from the facility.

However, he is hidden in the hospital somewhere. Teddy & Chuck join as detectives. They set out to search the remote island for hints. Everybody seems suspicious of them. Teddy himself! Its uncompromising and intriguing approach to brutal violence gives it a certain resemblance to American Psycho.


movies like american psycho
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Let’s revisit the genre of serial killer films. It is up there with the greatest films, similar to American Psycho. Charlize Theron’s lone Academy Award was given to her for the movie Monster. Moreover, the movie reappeared in the press in 2016–2017. That occurred during the early stages of Wonder Woman’s development. Director Patty Jenkins was behind the camera for both projects.

Between then, he hadn’t created another feature picture. The 2003 movie won the filmmaker’s praise from critics. An actual homeless prostitute, Aileen Wuornos. She is the protagonist of Monster. In the picture, Charlize plays the part. From 1989 to 1990, she was in Florida when she killed seven of her customers. She was then put to death in 2002.


movies like american psycho
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The film is an award-winner and a highly praised box office success. The screenplay is a very dangerous depiction of what someone’s personality can become. It could also be a story to teach us a lesson. A mentally ill man who lives solitary is the primary character. Society has utterly disregarded him.

He starts to lose it after his therapy sessions are over. He turns into the Joker, a killer on the loose popularised in comic book series. It affects his course, which could be perceived as stigmatizing. In terms of box office receipts, the movie marked the initial rated “R” production of 2019 to reach a million dollars. It garnered two Oscars and at least eleven nominees for the Academy Awards.

In 2022, the studio declared that an additional installment was under development. Not only is it a story about how a human being should behave, but it might also serve as a warning. It is implied that he suffers from a mental disorder. It affects his course, which could be perceived as stigmatizing.

Falling down

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If you want to watch movies like American Psycho, pick this one for the coming weekend. The idea behind “Falling down” is very simple. You become interested in it right away. You’ll still enjoy it, even though it’s not an extremely complex story in the end. The story is about an adult male who appears pretty normal at first glance. But a string of occurrences on a single afternoon makes him lose it.

He starts to get angry at people. He gets angry at all the little things that bother him in everyday life. The movie is interesting, but it could cause some viewers to feel uncomfortable. It was not a happy story. Michael Douglas appears to have played a dedicated lead role in the picture. Fans of modern, humorous psychological tales will enjoy this movie.

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The movie “Nightcrawler” is very scary. It is concerning an individual who will do anything to get what he wants. That person is Lou Bloom. Gyllenhaal is the actor who plays this part. He’s a small-time robber who doesn’t seem too crazy at first. Security personnel catch him while he is committing theft at a railyard in LA. Over time, Lou’s level of crazy starts to show through his disguise as a photographer-turned-salesman.

In the bright light of his success, Lou turns into a bad guy. He doesn’t seem to have any morals. In broad terms, Lou isn’t fond of anybody and doesn’t have any problems that could change his life. It is the movie you should choose to see over the upcoming weekend if you like watching movies like American Psycho.

After Hours

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Would you prefer a psychological thriller that is a bit lighter and more generally comic than American Psycho? It’s easy to suggest After Hours. It centers on Gryphon Dunne, an extremely unfortunate man. When he can’t make it back safely from the late-hours encounter in New York City, he has the worst evening of his whole existence.

The movie already shares some general similarities with American Psycho given that movie was filmed in the mid-1980s and takes place in New York City. It gets even deeper when After Hours has a dreamy, surreal quality despite not being an eerie or crime film per se. 


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Due to his advanced age, 25-year veteran anchor Howard Beale must submit to retirement. On his last show, he tells his audience that he happens to take his own life. The entire affair becomes a gaudy entertainment production as his declaration appears to boost the ratings.

The film deftly switches between rationality and insanity. The main character’s demonic and messianic outbursts represent one end of the movie’s spectrum. Another aspect is the subtly dehumanizing effects of merciless professionalism. Similar to other films about crazy, danger, and dreams, the plot blends humor with psychological thriller aspects.


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One could loosely classify the film as a surrealist production. It is David Lynch’s debut well-popular film as a director. The narrative of Eraserhead presents a parent who must care for his hideously disfigured child. In essence, it’s a body horror film. It contains unique conceptual and behavioral elements.

The main character experiences conflicting hallucinations with suggestive sexual overtones and unsettling imaginings of a woman. He is living in a future utopia mechanized metropolis. Black and white cinematography is throughout the movie. It has clear and flawless audio. Over time, it has proven able to amass a sizable following of supporters.

Final words

The film American Psycho serves as a chilling watch. Still, it’s an indisputable unforgettable tale. The movie version toned down a lot of the novel’s content. It yet feels bold and confrontational, too. Even though it feels unique in the end, there are still other movies like American Psycho available. You can choose any of the films covered in this article to have a comparable experience when watching American Psycho. They fall within the categories of horror, dark humor, or violence. All of them have a lot to provide fans of American Psycho

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