0123movies- 123movies safe to use, & what are alternatives?

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Piracy is affecting the film industry all across the globe. There are many websites like 0123movies that uploads and leak movies online for free. Also, some movies are uploaded even before the theatre release. Audiences that cannot wait to watch the latest movies download them from pirated websites. It leads to a decreasing number of audiences going to the cinema halls. It further leads to loss to the filmmakers to a great extent. Due to these torrent websites like 0123movies, there is a loss of 30% revenue to the filmmakers. 

Most of the filmmakers have raised their voice against this illegal act. They have also filed many complaints. But, these torrent websites have gone beyond the limits for these illicit activities. These websites are known to be very successful as they attract many audiences. They provide free access to the latest movies, whether it is Bollywood, Hollywood or Tollywood. Below we have discussed 0123movies in detail:

Introduction to 0123movies

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If you are not interested in going to a cinema hall to watch a movie, 0123movies is the right option. It is a free website that allows you to download all your favourite films. In addition to this, you can get here all the movies in HD quality. You do not need a subscription for this platform, and all the movies are free of cost. In fact, this website contains all the TV shows and Web series too. You can get a variety of content here. For this reason, it is becoming the most popular website these days. 

Features of 0123movies

This website comes with numerous features mentioned below:

  • It gives you access to watch your favourite movies anytime you want.
  • You do not need to spend any amount to watch your favourite TV shows and movies.
  • It provides you with all the newly released movies.
  • You can enjoy all the movies in High quality.
  • This website is straightforward to access.
  • There are very few ads when you are enjoying a movie.

Is 0123movies safe to use?

As it is an illegal website, the answer to this question is no. Some countries allow using pirated websites for personal purposes. And some countries have stringent rules for these types of websites. Every country has their own rules and regulations against copyrighted content and piracy. At the same time, you should always know your country’s policies before entering these torrent websites. 

As in India, the USA and many other countries, it is strictly illegal to access these websites. If you find uploading or downloading any content on 0123movies like websites, it is a punishable offence. In India, there are three years imprisonment and a fine of 10 lakh rupees is imposed. You may be charged with both of these too. 

Why do audiences attract to illegal websites?

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Everyone wants to sit in their comfort zone and enjoy movies nowadays. And also, for getting a subscription to legal websites, people have to pay a reasonable amount. As a result, people are more involved in accessing pirated websites. Because these websites provide an enormous amount of content, audiences attract to them. Therefore, even though websites like 0123movies are not legal, people do not end up using them. Also, you can download any of the trending movies without paying any amount. Therefore, there is a lot of traffic on these websites.

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How to access 0123movies safely?

As we have discussed above, it is illegal to use unethical websites. But if you need to access these websites safely, here are some tips for you:

  • It will help if you use a VPN for accessing 0123movies. VPN is a Virtual Private Network; it will change your IP address. 
  • It is a safer way to access the site as Govt. will not track your IP address.
  • You can change your IP address to any country’s IP address where it is legal to use these websites.
  • You should also have a good antivirus installed on your device.
  • Also, you should not provide your personal information like your Gmail account and phone number if asked.
  • If you are not favouring using a VPN, you can get a subscription to the legal platforms. 

Disclaimer: We do not promote torrent websites. The information shared in this article is just for educational means. And we highly suggest you stay away from all unethical websites. 


If you search for a torrent website to download a movie for free, you will get so many results. Avoid clicking on a fake website, which can get you in big trouble. We have provided you with the list of all similar websites like 0123movies below:

What are similar websites like 0123movies?

  • 9xmovies

9xmovies is the best alternative to 0123movies. It gives you a wide variety of movies, including Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, and Tamil. You can also access Web series and TV Shows. 9xmovies is the most popular as it provides 300MB movies. This size of movies consume fewer data to download, and for this reason, the audience is attracted to this website. 

  • Filmywap

Filmywap is yet another alternative to 0123movies. It allows you to download all the newly released movies without any subscription. Moreover, it provides you with HD quality videos. You can also watch movies online without the interruption of annoying ads. 

  • WorldFree4u

WorldFree4u is a pirated website that offers you all the latest movies. All Bollywood, Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies, everything is available here. It gives you an HD quality view of all the film. Dual audio movies are also available here; you can watch the film in your preferred language.

  • Bolly4u

Bolly4u is a website that leaks all the newly released content. Movies are leaked here even before their theatre release. You will get trending movies here. It is again a website that provides you with dual audio films with only 300 MB sized videos. 

  • Moviesflix

Moviesflix is a very famous website where you can get all the OTT series. And all the content available on this website is absolutely free. So you can enjoy newly released stuff from Bollywood and Hollywood. Including all Web series and TV shows, you will get everything you love to watch. 

  • Filmyzilla

FIlmyzilla is a torrent website that gives access to download pirated movies. It is a website that will provide you with all the latest news, information related to the film. You can also get every movie update here. 

  • Fmovies

Not all websites you search for free downloading of movies are safe. Fmovies is a popular website used to download all the new movies. You can enjoy watching your favourite movies online on this website. Almost all content on this platform is in HD quality; that’s why it is one of the best alternatives to 0123movies. 

  • Movies4u

Like all the above websites, Movies4u also allows you to download the latest movies illegally. Bollywood, Hollywood and Dual audio movies, you can access all of these. And Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam movies are also available. It provides a variety of content without paying a single penny.  

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What are legal alternatives to 0123movies?

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It is better to choose legal platforms instead of illegal ones. Although torrent websites will provide content for free, it is very risky to access them. Therefore, we suggest you to get a subscription from any of these legal alternatives mentioned below: 

  • Amazon Prime Video

Nowadays, everyone is aware of the best streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video. It is similar to another famous platform, Netflix. You can get here Amazon originals, the latest Bollywood, Hollywood movies, but the only thing is you need a subscription to enjoy movies. You will get the finest experience of watching movies online on this platform. 

  • Disney plus

Further, Disney Plus is another video streaming platform that has over 103.6 million users. It provides you with all your favourite TV Shows and the latest movie stuff from Disney Studios, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and more.

  • Hotstar

 Hotstar offers you the best Indian Entertainment. You can get here TV shows, the latest movies, news and live cricket also. This app is available on the Google Play store. 

  • Netflix

Everyone knows about Netflix as it is trendy all around the globe. It is the biggest platform for streaming movies and shows. There are more than 207 million users of Netflix. It provides you with an enormous variety of Web series, movies and shows. 

  • Hulu

Hulu is the best option for you if you are a sports lover. It is cheaper than Amazon and Netflix. But comparatively, it has fewer movies and shows. If you want to watch live sports and you have a great interest in sports, this app is the one for you. Some countries do not offer Hulu services, therefore, a VPN is needed to get access to Hulu.

  • SonyLIV

It was Launched on 23 January 2013. SonyLIV, being an Indian Entertainment platform, is very famous all over India. You can watch your favourite sports, TV serials, and movies and can get the SonyLIV app on the Google Play Store. 

Consequences of using 0123movies

No doubt, you have to face several problems if you are found accessing unlawful websites. Every country around the globe has their rules and regulations. Rules are not similar for every country, and some countries allow you to use websites like 0123movies and 9xmovies. Some of the countries are against these websites. They consider using these platforms as an offence. 

For example, you will be fined if you are watching or downloading pirated content. And in India, you can go to jail for three years if found downloading copyrighted content. Mexico is a country where it is allowed to access unethical websites. Adding Switzerland to the list, no one cares if you are using a torrent website. But most countries have strict rules regarding this illegal act. And consequently, you may be punished for this act of crime. 

Final thoughts

On the whole, I end the article by saying that piracy is an illegal offence. Watching and downloading content from torrent websites is an act of crime. 0123movies is an illicit and unethical website. Further, I propose to avoid using these types of websites. It may put you in immense trouble. I hope you like the information provided in the article. 


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