Dodd Mitchell Darin – Son of Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee!

Dodd Mitchell Darin
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In the world of glamour, the entertainment industry is admired by almost everyone all over the globe. People love to watch movies, TV shows, and series. Moreover, people are also interested in knowing about celebrities, their relationships, affairs, marriage, and their kids. Everyone knows about Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin. Meanwhile, their son is also a popularly known American actor and author. For you, here is the article with every bit of information about their son Dodd Mitchell Darin.

Who is Dodd Mitchell Darin?

Dodd Mitchell Darin is renowned for his book ‘Dream Lovers’ which is based on his parents’ life story. Equally important, his lovable parents are Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin. He is a popular American actor, author, and musician. Further, he has always made his parents proud. Unfortunately, his parents are not in this world anymore. Also, he is seen controlling his emotions on the stage many times. Moreover, Darin stepped into this world on December 16, 1961. His upbringing was by both his parents in the United States in Los Angelos till he turned 12.

Detailed Information

Original name Dodd Mitchell Darin
Nickname Not available
Present profession  Author, Actor and Musician
Net worth  $2 Million
Height     5’8”
Weight 70 kg
Body measurements  Not available
Eye color  Black
Hair color  Brown
Birthdate 16 December 1961
Place of birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Age 60 years
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Nationality American
Ethnicity American
Hometown USA
School name Not Available
College/University Not available
Educational Qualification Graduation
Food habit Not available
Hobbies Composing music, Writing
Favourite food  Not available
Favourite Actor Not available
Favourite Movie Not available
Favourite color Not available
Married/Unmarried Married
Spouse Audrey Tannenbaum
Children Alexa and Olivia
Father Bobby Darin
Mother  Sandra Dee
Siblings  None

Dream Lovers – Dodd Mitchell Darin’s book

This book made Dodd Mitchell Darin insanely famous. Moreover, it describes his parents’ life, including their romance resulting in abuse. Dream Lovers gained a lot of love with a 4.6-star rating out of 5, and is available on Amazon.

Dodd Mitchell Darin book
Image Credits: Amazon

According to some news, Dodd is working on remaking his father’s songs. We will update you once the songs are released.

Dodd Mitchell Darin Net Worth

Dodd Mitchell Darin has approximately a net worth of 2 Million dollars. His all worth is a combination of his acting career, including his films, and his work as an author. However, the book Dream Lover made his income reach heights as it is genuinely his parents’ life journey.

Furthermore, his father has an estimated net worth of 5 Million dollars, whereas Sandra Dee, his mother, comprises a net worth of 2.1 million dollars.

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Personal Life

Some marriages are life lasting, and so is with Dodd and Audrey. Dodd Mitchell Darin has been in a long-lasting marriage with Audrey Tannenbaum. Moreover, the couple has been together since they tied the knot on June 5, 1993.

In addition, they have never opened up to social media and kept their relationship private. As of 2022, their marriage is 29 years long, and they are blessed with two daughters named Alexa Darin and Olivia Darin.

Dodd Mitchell Darin’s wife

As stated above, Audrey Tannenbaum is the wife of the great author and actor Dodd Mitchell Darin. It is known that Audrey was a client in the show Mad About You hosted by NBC. Also, she is an appreciable fashion designer.

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Furthermore, talking about her career, she has been a prominent actress. Next, she has worked in Get a Life, Matlock, etc.


Dodd Mitchell Darin is incredibly in love with his wife and daughters. The names of their two adorable daughters are Alexa Darin & Olivia Darin. He is extremely happy with the two girls and always thanks his princess Audrey, for blessing him with another two. He considers himself the luckiest man on earth.

Alexa is their first daughter and was born in 1997, and their second daughter took birth in the year 2002. However, they disclosed that they gave their first daughter the name of her grandmother (Audrey’s mother – Alexandra Zuck).

Alexa says that she has almost seen all the movies of her grandparents and considers them her role model. She wants to become like them, she added. Also, both sisters desperately want to pursue their careers as a model or an actress.

They both love the glamor of the entertainment industry, and Alexa loves listening to her grandfather’s song, Dream Lovers. Likewise, Olivia also loves to enjoy all the songs of her grandfather. Most importantly, Alexa looks precisely the same as her grandmother.

Dodd Mitchell Darin Family 

As stated above, Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin are the parents of Dodd Mitchell Darin. Fortunately, Dodd was born and brought up in a high-class family, and unfortunately, he lost his dad when he was just 12 years old. Although he lost his dad, his mother was always there to support him and play with him, as he did not have any siblings. Not only this but also her upbringing raised him into a gentleman.

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His father, Bobby Darin, was a great American actor, musician, and writer. And his mother was indeed a famous American actress. Both his parents belonged to the same entertainment industry and had a celebrated careers. He also followed the same path in his career as his parents and became a remarkable author and actor.

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Talking about their parents’ relationship, their affair was month-long when Bobby used to send 18 yellow roses to Sandra each day. Following this, he proposed to Dodd Mitchell Darin mother, Sandra with a 17 Carat diamond ring, and she said yes. Later they got married but faced many ups and downs as bobby started doubting Sandra for having extramarital relationships. Subsequently, it led to the decision to divorce, but fortunately, during the divorce days, Sandra told the truth to Bobby about his stepfather. And this made Bobby realize his mistake, and they were together again.

Dodd Mitchell Darin’s Father

Bobby Darin was May 14, 1936, born a talented musician. He was a super-known music composer with the most popular songs such as Splish Splash, Mack the Knife, and more. Undoubtedly, millions of copies of these songs were sold in the market resulting in two Grammy Awards. His original name is Walden Robert Cassotto, and he has an album with his own name. Moreover, he has also been a prominent actor who has worked in Run for your life, Night Gallery, and Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre.

Dodd Mitchell Darin father
Image Credits: Wikipedia

He played all musical instruments, such as Xylophone, drum, guitar, piano, etc., in his childhood. Furthermore, he went to Bronx High School and opted for science, but he used to get teased by his classmates as he had more interest in music rather than science topics. After that, he joined another school named Hunter but dropped out from that, too to pursue his career in acting.

Unfortunately, Bobby Darin didn’t have a long life. For information, Rheumatic fever is a kind of disease that causes long-term heart, blood vessels, or joint issues. Consequently, Bobby Darin suffered from this deadly fever that resulted in the weakness of his heart.

For this reason, he had many heart surgeries. But even after this, he died in his last six-hour surgery. For instance, some reports say he donated his whole body to others ones who needed it.

Dodd Mitchell Darin’s Mother

Dodd Mitchell Darin’s mother was indeed a renowned actress and popularly famous for acting in the film Night Gallery. Sandra Dee started her career in childhood and worked as a child model. Later, she worked in a few advertisements. As all models ignore a healthy diet and have a diet that makes them look slim, Darin’s mother did the same, affecting her life.

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It is known that Sandra has faced many family issues as her parents separated and her mother married another guy. Nevertheless, her mother used to get abused by his stepfather, who made Sandra’s life uncomfortable.

‘Until They Sail’ was her first movie in 1957.

Furthermore, she worked in another 30 films and TV shows, such as The sixth sense, Lost, Fantasy Island, and many more. Following this, she got diagnosed with kidney failure when she retired. Bobby’s death also made her sad and anxious. Besides this, she started consuming drugs and alcohol and lost 80 lbs weight, resulting in her death in 1983.

Hence, this was all about Dodd Mitchell Darin’s life, including his personal life and career.


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